Segway gets ready for the future with a new solution for urban commute

Segway gets ready for the future with a new solution for urban commute

Segway announces the safe, green and smart CityGo Last Mile System

Frankfurt, Germany – 13th September, 2017 – Today at IAA 2017, the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation, Segway shows a new concept of efficient, green and smart transportation with the announcement of the CityGo Last Mile System. A smart electric kickscooter network that could reshape the future landscape of transportation within cities.


“With the concept of CityGo Last Mile System, we will enable commuters to travel the last mile in an effortless and elegant way, not to mention environmental friendly. When not in use, CityGo scooters can be locked and charged at conveniently positioned “Charge‘n Go“ stations or in cars’ boots with the “Boot‘n Go“ car storage units,” said Tony Ho, Vice President Global Business Development at Segway. “We are currently actively working with cities, car manufacturers, car-hiring companies, and EV charge networks to roll out this new concept to the mass market. We certainly welcome more partners to join us.”


Safe and green ride for future daily commute

The elegantly designed CityGo scooter will be lightweight and easy to fold which allows users to store it in their cars or conveniently carry it on and off public transport to make it the ideal vehicle for daily commute.

Features like the unique adaptive power assist system enables users to activate and adjust speed intuitively, and to personalize riding preferences accordingly. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h and three different riding modes, Novice, Standard and Sport, the CityGo scooters will fit the needs of all kind of users.


Segway CityGo App

All CityGo scooters are mobile phone ready, and can be lock/unlock, personalized and monitored via Bluetooth communications. In addition, The CityGo apps will be powered by a cloud based management system, which allows all scooters, charge stations and car trunk storage units to work together seamlessly. When applying big data analysis, the deployment of the CityGo scooters and network build-out can be optimized. As a result, auto companies, charge networks, and cities will be able to integrate their current infrastructure readily as a turn key solution.

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Segway products to be seen at IAA

Segway attends IAA in the New Mobility section and can be found in hall 3.1, booth C22. Segway will show her full consumer and professional product line-up including the recently announced Ninebot by Segway KickScooters, Segway miniLITE and Segway miniPLUS. With the main theme being “Future Now” in the New Mobility section at IAA in Frankfurt, Segway perfectly fits in as the renowned innovative brand for self-balancing vehicles. Segway has been putting her attention on the development of safe, green and smart personal vehicles that improves people’s lives for the short distance commutes that meet the future needs.



About Segway

Segway is moving in a brand new and exciting direction. For years, you’ve known us as the world leader in commercial-grade, electric, self-balancing personal transportation. After strategically merging with Ninebot, we reevaluated our product lines, as well as target markets, and made some bold changes. We’re now also applying our world-renowned intellectual property to consumer products, with a sharp focus on transportation for lifestyle and recreational riders, and not looking back. For more information, please visit



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